Geert De Coninck

Geert De Coninck


I'm an Antwerp Belgium based painter, creative consultant. Feel free to explore my artwork journey.

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Creative art creator & collector.

I am a professional creative content creator and worked with multiple brands for the past 15 years, using print, web and video as my key assets. 

My artwork is a mix of my professional knowledge, my art education and general interest in the art world itself with street, visual and digital art in particular. I used to VJ at events, projecting my personal created visuals on screens and buildings with a highlight around 2006 when selected as a regional finalist at the short film festival Leuven Belgium. 

In 2016 I've started creating asemic artwork under the name #ArtiesDrawing on social media, using time lapse videos showcasing the progress of each drawing. 

2017 was the year of Performing Canvas, a collaboration with Linda Blokken and Niels Gabriel. A performance where paintings of Belgian musicians got displayed with a custom music edit and an animated projection mapping to highlight all aspects of the paintings. During this live performance, 10 paintings got presented with the same visual techniques, creating an augmented experience for the audience. 

My old artwork of drawings and paintings got destroyed during a float in 2019 and 2020 marks my first experiments on larger canvas with spray paint, stencils, asemic writing and also creating smaller prints, trying to master an old Riso duplicator. Some studio samples and limited, numbered and signed Riso prints are for sale as affordable art boxes.

My style can be described as a bold abstract expression with marks of cult, pop-art, graffiti & repetitive patterns in a disrupted post dystopia space.

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