Geert De Coninck

Geert De Coninck


Visual content creator based in
Antwerp, Belgium.

Geert De Coninck is a mixed media artist and visual content creator based in Antwerp, Belgium.

His style can be best described as a bold abstract expression with marks of cult, pop-art, graffiti & repetitive patterns in a disrupted post dystopia space.

As the founder of Arties bv, Geert has been working with multiple brands as a professional content creator using print, web and video as his key assets. These media find their extension in his artworks for which he combines his professional experience with his background as a VJ (Visual Jockey) and his broad interest in street, visual and digital arts.

The loss of many paintings and drawings during a float in 2019 marks his shift towards a more experimental practice using spray paint, stencils and asemic writing on large canvases as well as a Riso duplicator to create smaller prints.